Optimy are the Continuous Improvement specialists who pioneered the Award winning "MY-5 coaching"


Based in Bath, UK they provide bespoke People Solutions for FTSe 100 Clients as well as smaller organisations.


Would you believe that 80% of Change Programmes in UK Companies fail to acheive their pre-defined goals in a way that measurably lasts (source : IoD 2009).


There are many reasons, but just one root cause ...



They fail to tap into the motivation of the men and women involved.


When people feel change is "done to them" they don't engage...so the change initiative fails, wasting time, money and opportunity.


..and when people experience several cycles of this dissappointing reality they soon get fatigued by this process of review and change... and often begin to fear and deeply dislike it.


So at Optimy, we coach teams to thrive during change, to feel enabled, comfortable and skilled to use simple ways to enjoy and nurture continuous improvement.



Horizon Plans delivering the "People side of change"...


Perhaps the only thing that stands in the way of your organisation successfully delivering your next big step, on time and on budget,

is your peoples' ability to work together as an effective team.


It's the "People Side" of delivering sustainable changewhere most organisations falls down. Having people in place throughout your teams who are able to successfully facilitate "The People Side of Change" will be a real differentiator for your organisations' competitive edge.


At Optimy, our focus is to give your people the ability to successfully facilitate "The Golden Rules of Change". We coach them how to coach each other through multiple cycles of agile change. In teams and individually they coach each other in simple steps of attitude and behavioural development to secure long term successful project outcomes.


By this approach they take ownership of the "WHY" they are doing things, "WHAT" they will do, "HOW TO DO IT" and "HOW TO BE AS THEY DO IT". This equips them with the building blocks for their teams future, through several cycles of cascaded Continuous Improvement .


Then Optimy Team Dynamics methods and the MY-5 coaching methods are introduced to develop how the team of people work together and how each individual person can nurture themselves through breakthroughs with a couple of close friends.


People, Purpose and Person...


This is the Optimy method. It's beautifully simple and massively effective.


If you think we can help your Team, Company, Project or you yourself, please ring us on 07968 801292 to book a 'phone appointment for a first informal discovery conversation.

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